Libertyville - Print #71

Downtown Libertyville Now (2019) & Then (1946).

Featuring Firkin's Restaurant.

On the right are The New Castle Hotel, Jewel Foods,

 Martin Seynour Paints, and The Liberty Theater. 


Libertyville - Print #65

Milwaukee Avenue, downtown Libertyville, Illinois.

 Now (2019) & Then (1903)

Featuring Rolland's Jewelers.


Libertyville - Print #66

Downtown Libertyville, Illinois.

 Now (2019) & Then (1948)

Featuring Morgan's Bar & Grill, Cluckers, and Starbucks.

Some of the old businesses showing are F.W. Woolworth, 

Martin Seynour Paints, & Herschberger's Appliance Store. 


Libertyville - Print #72

Milwaukee Avenue, Downtown Libertyville.

Cook Park is on the left.

Now (2019) & Then (1938).

Featuring Pizzeria DeVille & B. Bungalow.


Libertyville - Print #97

Downtown Libertyville, Milwaukee Avenue.

Now (2019) & Then (1965).

Featuring Shakou Restaurant.


Libertyville - Print #98

Libertyville, Downtown.

Now (2019) & Then (1937).

Featuring Studio West & Townee Square Restaurant.

Libertyville, Illinois

Liberty Theater - Print #83


Liberty Theater - Now & Then.

With Marlon Brando looking on.

Brando worked at the Liberty Theater while in his early years living in Libertyville.


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